Are e-bikes legal?

The law around e-bikes can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. E-bikes are entirely legal, and you don’t need a license or insurance to ride one if the motor is rated no higher than 250W, and the assisted top speed of the bike doesn’t exceed 15.5mph.

To ride an e-bike, you will need to be over 14 years of age. You can read the full Government guidance on e-bikes (or to give them their full name, electrically assisted pedal cycles) in the link below.

It’s safe and legal to ride your e-bike anywhere you would ride your normal bike, including cycle paths. It isn’t a legal requirement, but we’d always recommend that you wear a helmet.

All our e-bikes are tried and tested and meet all current UK regulations. They’re built by our experienced technical experts and conform to all rules, which means you can jump on and ride without worrying about breaking the law!

Read the Government guidance on e-bikes in the following link by clicking here.

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