How do you ride an e-bike?

Riding an e-bike is the same as riding a regular bike. You climb on, put your feet on the pedals, and off you go! It really is that simple.

When you switch on your e-bike you’ll need to choose between various modes, which provide different levels of pedalling support. The simple rule of thumb is the more support the motor gives you, the shorter the battery life. You’ll also need to plug your battery in and recharge it regularly. If the battery runs out, your e-bike will simply become a standard bike with a battery and motor fitted.

When you start riding, the motor kicks in and provides pedal assistance up to a maximum speed of 15.5mph. After that, you must rely on your own power to propel you.

The first time you ride an e-bike, it can feel a little odd, but you’ll soon get used to it. Once you feel the extra pedalling power, you’ll wonder how you ever pedalled without it.

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