The practicality of cycling gloves

When going on an evening bike ride or waking up bright and early to get that morning ride in, wearing the right cycling components is always essential to ensure you get the most out of your time on your bike, one of the cycling components that is always a strike for conversation is the use of cycling gloves, many people have a variety of opinions on cycling gloves and here is our view on the importance on why you should be wearing them whenever you go on a ride.

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Some of the many reasons you should be wearing cycling gloves


The extra padding of cycling gloves acts as a barrier between the vibrations you feel and that generated from the bike and the handlebars, when riding without gloves you are placing pressure on your nerves, by entrapping them, you may feel a tingling sensation in your hands, this can affect the control you have over your bike and in turn ruining your bike ride. Wearing gloves will help prevent this, dampen the vibrations and eliminate the discomfort you may feel in your hands. Thus leading to better and longer rides


When going for a ride there may always be that risk, that an accident may occur, although no one prepares for this thought, it is always essential we limit the damage to the best of our ability. The first thought everyone has when falling is to put their hands out to break the fall, but most people regret this when they get up with scrapes and bruises and potentially further injury, this is contradictory when wearing cycling gloves and if an accident was to take place they act as that first absorbent of the impact you may receive from the fall.

Firm grip

When riding in a variety of warm and cold conditions, your hands can get pretty sweaty or so cold your hands have gone numb, this can easily cause your hands to slip around the handlebars. Cycling gloves help to soak up the sweat and ensure your hands remain warm, keeping your hands dry and warm, allows you to maintain a safe, tight grip on the handlebars at all times.

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