Mountain bike clothing

It's important to be prepared when you're out cycling, and if you're exploring rugged trails then mountain bike clothing is a must. Buying cycling clothing specific to your bike discipline will make your ride far more enjoyable, and safer too.

At Halfords, we have a variety of MTB clothing to suit your needs and riding style. Have a little look through our range of MTB shoes, MTB gloves, MTB helmets and more to find what's best for you. When you've decided, we can deliver straight to your door.

Mountain bike clothing

  • Mountain bike shoes: Your feet are the only contact with the pedals, providing the power and drive to your bike. Because they're so important you need to make sure they're protected. We have a range of 'SPD' compatible rugged options to keep your feet clipped in and secured to the pedals when riding, with lines including Shimano MTB shoes and Northwave MTB shoes.
  • Mountain bike gloves: You need the best grip to get ultimate control of your bike. When you're bombing down steep slopes and jumping off rocky ledges the last thing you want is your hand to slip. Some of our best MTB gloves have a grip on the palms and waterproof covering to keep you in control.
  • Mountain bike helmets: Never forget to keep your head protected! Regardless of whether you're exploring a woodland trail or popping to the shops, your head is the one part you should never neglect. We have plenty of helmets in different designs and sizes to suit your needs.
  • Mountain bike shorts: If you're after a bit of space for knee pads and extra protection then these MTB shorts are the way to go. Lycra road race shorts certainly aren't the right look for the mountain biking enthusiast. You need extra freedom of movement and hard-wearing material that'll withstand whatever you throw at it.
  • Mountain bike jerseys: Racing through the trees and across rugged terrain leaves you open to scratches from rogue sticks, branches and stones. Protect your arms while keeping your body at the optimum temperature with an MTB long sleeve jersey.

Cycling clothing at Halfords

As well as our mountain bike clothing, we have a wide selection of cycling clothing online at Halfords, for all types of biking. 

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