What are the benefits of cycling clothing?

There are many benefits that occur from the use of wearing cycling clothing on a long bike ride, from lycra to hi-vis each component will add towards your journey and ensure it is enhanced to the max. Here are a few reasons why you may want to indulge in our luxurious range of cycling wear.


Your regular street clothes are fine when you’re not going far or fast and the weather’s good, but for longer rides or when the weather turns nasty, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in cycling clothing. The use of our cycling bottom wear provides an extra layer of shock absorption is the first reason. Modern shorts pads have at least one layer of foam inside them, often more or different thickness and density. The idea is to help reduce the road shock that gets through to your bum, working in tandem with the padding in your saddle. The further use of our jerseys and tops adds further comfort with their breathable and quick-drying design really adds to a satisfactory ride.


Cycling gear moves with you as you ride. That’s especially important for legwear, because your legs are the part of you that moves most. That’s the reason why cycling shorts are made from Lycra fabric, because it has enough built-in stretch that it doesn’t bunch up and chafe. Similarly, cycling tights.


The cycling clothing we offer can towards make you go faster by ensuring you don’t waste energy as you ride. The most important difference is that our cycling clothing is more aerodynamic than your regular gear, because it fits closely with no spare fabric flapping in the breeze. It can also help in other areas too. such as our range of cycling shoes which have stiff soles, so your energy isn’t wasted flexing rubber over your pedals. That also makes for comfier feet because the pressure on the pedal is spread over your whole foot.


Wearing a fluorescent cycling jersey allows an attentive, alert driver to see the cyclist earlier and further down the road. The driver then has more time to plan his path around the rider safely, without inconveniencing himself.

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