How to clean alloy wheels

When washing your car, it’s essential to pay attention to each of the key areas of the vehicle: the bodyworkthe interior, and, of course, the wheels.

Carefully attending to each of these areas will ensure you achieve that ultimate showroom finish we all aim for.

Cleaning alloy wheels can sometimes be a challenge due to their hard-to-reach areas and especially if they’re covered in a thick layer of dirt. Naturally, it’s very easy for shiny new alloy wheels to become muddy quickly due to their constant contact with the road.

However, with the right products and accessories, cleaning alloy wheels needn’t be a difficult task. From wheel cleaners to wheel brushes, Halfords have everything you need for immaculate-looking tyres. Discover the best way to clean alloy wheels and which products will help you tackle even the toughest dirt.

The best alloy wheel cleaner

For no-nonsense wheel cleaning, the Wonder Wheels Original Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a fantastic choice. Suitable for all wheel types, this acid-free spray effortlessly removes brake dust road grime and grease without the need for brushing.

Once you’ve sprayed the formula onto your wheels, spread over the surface of the wheel, working on one wheel at a time, agitate to a foam using an alloy wheel brush, after this, rinse with plenty of water using a pressure washer or hose.

The Halfords PW20 Pressure Washer is fantastic value, with a powerful 1600W motor to blast off dirt and product residue.

Another great option is the Turtlewax Hyperfoam Wheel Cleaner & Tyre Prep which will have your wheels looking bright and shiny in no time. The formula quickly reacts with the dirt as the foam breaks down brake dust and road grime.

This option also works well as a tyre prep, providing an ideal base for coatings. The formula contains a corrosion-repellent polymer that reduces contaminate build-up, making future wheel cleaning much more efficient.

Finishing with a tyre gel is a great way to revive dull-looking tyres and get them looking brand new again. The Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Protection is a great choice and helps maintain shiny tyres for weeks, whatever the weather.

The best alloy wheel cleaning accessories

While wheel cleaners will tackle most of the dirt for you, arming yourself with a few wheel-cleaning accessories will help you cover all bases. For any stubborn dirt and grit on your wheels, it’s a good idea to use a wheel brush to help break it down further and conquer those hard-to-reach areas.

The Halfords Alloy Wheel Brush comes in a variety of sizes to help you remove residual dirt. The bristles are strong enough to remove deep-seated grit but won’t scratch your wheels. Make sure you rinse off the brush both during and after cleaning the wheels to avoid dirt clinging to the brush, making future cleaning much easier.

Using a pressure washer again is an effective way to remove any remaining loose dirt and ensure your wheels are looking flawless. To maintain shiny wheels, it’s important to clean your tyres regularly to avoid a heavy build-up of dirt and make the task more manageable. Using products and accessories specifically designed to clean alloy wheels will also keep your wheels in top condition for longer.

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