How to clean your car's exterior

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Step by step guide

Car cleaning essentials:

Optional extras

Spray your wheels

Cleaning alloy wheels is a good place to start as they can become the dirtiest parts of your car. As well-being closest to the road, the iron oxide dust that comes off your and other car’s brake pads can build up on each wheel, leaving shiny alloys looking dull. This dust can be difficult to remove, so using an alloy cleaner like Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner can make life easier. Just spray each wheel and leave the foam to do it’s work. With this type of product, you’ll notice that it changes colour once all of the dirt has been broken down, leaving you to simply wash and rinse.

Get the worst of it off

Even for the dirtiest of cars, a good rinse will go some way to get the worst of it off. Start at the top of the car and let gravity to the work, pushing loose dirt away with your pressure washer, garden hose or bucket of water.

Start scrubbing 

Once the loose dirt and mud has been rinsed, it’s time to break out the elbow grease and start scrubbing. Get your bucket of warm water and add your cleaning solution (see bottle for recommended measures). We stock a huge range of soaps and specialised car cleaning formulas that break down the toughest and most damaging dirt, including iron oxides that can damage paintwork if left for a long time. Then, dunk your sponge or cleaning cloth and start working away at every inch of your paintwork

Rinse (and possibly repeat)

After a good scrub, your paintwork should be looking a little better. If there’s still a film of dirt or a few corners of dirt that are still being stubborn, don’t be afraid to start again. Another clean should dislodge even the worst bits so you can move onto the next step.

Clean the windows 

Washing your car can leave windows looking streaky if you aren’t careful, so use a specific window cleaning formula to get them looking clear and shiny. If your windscreen is covered in caked-on bugs, then a bug remover is a good option, breaking down even the toughest baked-on insect graveyards.

Before you start, remove any excess water using your absorbent cloth or towel, then spray each window and give it a good wipe.


If you just want a nice clean car, then this is the point where you can pour your bucket of water away and pack up, but if you want to impress the neighbours with an extra-shiny car, then it’s all about the detailing.

One easy way to get your car looking brand new is to polish the paintwork. You can do this with a specialised buffer and brushes, or just grab some polish and a cloth and do it the old-fashioned way.

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