How do I know if my battery is about to fail?

There are a number of signs that indicate your battery will soon need to be replaced. Here are the key things to look out for...

Difficulty starting the car

Your car requires a huge surge of energy to start the engine. With a failing battery, you'll notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual, and the car takes longer to start. You'll often only get one or two warning signs of this nature before the battery completely dies, so don't ignore it. 
When turning the key, you hear a clicking sound, there is not enough power to crank the engine at al. If this is the case, you 'll need to jump start your battery and get a new battery fitted as soon as possible - click here to shop for a new battery and book a fitting.

Low/loss of power to electrics

Your carr's battery not only starts your engine - it also powers the various electronics inside your vehicle, such as electric windows, lights, heaters and seats.
A loss of electrical power is typically more noticeable in colder months, when these systems are running more than normal. 

Dashboard warning symbol

An illuminated battery symbol could be down to a loose starter terminal, a failing alternator or even damaged cabling. 
If the light stays on while driving, there's likely to be a problem with your alternator belt (responsible for charging your battery while on the move). This shouldn't be overlooked - a faulty charging system could leave you stranded. 

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