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Whether you're shopping for a seasoned cyclist, a motoring enthusiast or a little one who's just starting out, a Halfords Gift Card is the perfect way to celebrate those special occasions. Our Gift Cards come in a range of eye-catching designs, and are redeemable online, in Halfords retail stores and in Halfords Autocentres.

You can buy them in-store, in garages or send one directly to your friends or family by post or email. Whatever option you choose, a Halfords Gift Card is sure to bring a smile to their face and can be redeemed across a range of products including kids bikesmotoring & scooters.

How long is my Halfords gift card valid?

Gift cards are valid for 24 months after your last use. If you have been issued a refund e-gift Card, it will be valid for 12 months.

Can I use Halford's gift cards in Halfords Autocentres?

Yes! We have launched Autocentres Gift Cards for purchase in our retail stores.

  • These can be redeemed against all Autocentres services and products. They are valid for 2 years and hold up to £1000, the same as the retail gift cards.
  • We will now accept retail gift cards in Autocentres, which is great news.
  • Autocentre branches will be able to redeem the cards and check the balance but will not be able to top them up or sell them at the moment, this will need to be done in one of our retail stores. 
Can I use Halford's gift cards or e-gift cards online?

Yes, gift cards or e-gift cards can be entered at checkout. 

Things to keep in mind! 

  • You will be able to pay online with eGift vouchers for the order partially or fully using either 1 or a maximum of 3 eGift vouchers but not more than 3.
  • You can pay for the joint basket (HAC + Retail) with split payments with eGift vouchers solely and/or payment existing tender (either credit/debit card or PayPal).
  • You can pay Tyres on the Drive (TOTD) orders with gift vouchers and/or another existing payment tender (credit/debit card or PayPal).

Important  -  You cannot redeem eGift cards in conjunction with the finance option (e.g. Klarna, Cycle to work etc.)

Can I use Halford's gift cards against car/bicycle fitting labour?

Yes, it’s possible to use gift cards against fitting labour for all motoring, cycling fitting or repair tasks.

Can I use a gift card loaded with pound sterling purchased from the website in the Republic of Ireland?

Sadly this is not possible due to issues concerning the exchange rate.

Can I use a gift card loaded with pound sterling purchased from a store in the Republic of Ireland?

This is possible to do, however, you may lose money due to the exchange rate - store prices are fixed at €1.20 to £1.00, however, money is spent from the card at the current exchange rate, which may be less.

Can I use a gift card loaded with euros in the UK?

Sadly this is not possible due to issues concerning the exchange rate.

I received a Halford's gift card for a present, can I get a cash refund as I don’t need anything?

Sadly, it’s not possible to obtain a refund for a gift card. 

Why can’t I spend my gift card?

There could be a few reasons why a gift card may not be spent.

  • The main reasons are that the card was not activated correctly at the third-party store it was purchased from. Please revisit the store the gift card was purchased from, and they will be able to activate it for you. 
  • The magnetic strip has become damaged,  If the magnetic strip has become damaged, the card number can be found on the back of the card, underneath the magnetic strip.
  • The card may have been cancelled.
  • There is no available balance. If the card has been cancelled or there is no available balance, please contact us and we will look into this for you.
I’ve lost my gift card, what can I do?

Gift cards don’t have any security attached to them, it’s simply a swipe of the card. Due to this, the card has to be treated as cash, and anything which has been spent before we have been alerted to the card being missing will be lost.
If you are able to remember the card number, or have the original receipt with the card number on it, please contact us and we can cancel the card and transfer the balance onto a new card.
If you have made any purchases using the card, please provide as many details of this sale as possible – date, store, what they bought, the total spent – and we can try to find their transaction to locate the gift card number. If we can find the transaction, we can then locate the last six digits of the card number. We can then transfer the balance onto a new card.
If you have not made a purchase using the card and do not have proof of purchase or receipt, then there is nothing we can do for the customer.

I bought a gift card/pre-paid card from my employer's Perks scheme but don't want it anymore, can I have a refund?

You would need to go back to your Employees' Perks provider in order to get a refund. We are unable to refund any purchased gift vouchers or cards, due to these being discounted.

How long do Halfords Gift Cards last when they are purchased via

They expire after 12 months! rather than the typical 24 months.

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