How do I fit replacement number plates?

Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing your number plates. This process is the same for both front and rear number plates. The guide covers number plates that are secured to your car by either screws or adhesive.

Remove the old number plates

Firstly, start by removing the old number plate by lifting off the screw covers and removing the screws. Put the screws to one side.

If the number plate is held in place with double-sided adhesive pads or tape, you should be able to pull or prise it off. If you need to use a tool such as a wallpaper scraper to help you, make sure you're gentle to avoid causing any damage.

How to fit your new number plates: Screw-in number plates

Before fitting your new plates, you will need to drill holes in them. Decide whether you want to drill holes from the front or the back. We recommend drilling holes from the back.

Use the old plate as a template and mark the holes on the new number plate before drilling.

Create a mark in the number plate for the drill bit to catch on. Using an electric drill, create two holes in the number plate. Let the drill do the work and don't apply any downward pressure, or you could damage the number plate.

Once the holes have been created, remove any waste from the holes and clean them up.

Now, you can screw the new number plate in place. Ensure it's firmly in place, but don't over-tighten the screws or the new plates could crack. Use new screws if you have them, or re-use the old ones if you need to.

If you have a colour-matched cap, put this on, and you're done!

How to fit your new number plates: Adhesive number plates

Start by preparing the surface that the number plate will be fitted onto. It should be flat, clean and dry. If you are replacing an old adhesive number plate, remove any old adhesive with a scraper before fitting the new one.

Next, remove the covers from one side of the adhesive pads and fix them to the back of the number plate. The more you use, the stronger the fixing – but the more difficult it will be to remove the next time you need to.

When you're ready, remove the remaining covers on the adhesive pads and place it on the car. Be sure to line it up before you apply any pressure because you can't re-use the pads.

Apply pressure to the number plate for around 10 seconds to secure it to the car. Check it's in place before you start driving.

Now, with your new number plates in place, you can hit the road and head to Halfords for all your motoring supplies.

Build New Number Plates

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