Motorcycle security tips

In order to conceal your motorbike from prying eyes, try to keep it somewhere out of sight when you’re storing it at home. A motorcycle cover will stop thieves from seeing what type of bike you have or how it’s secured, making it more difficult to determine whether they should try to steal it. A model like this Oxford Heavy Duty Cover will protect your bike from the elements as well; just remember to keep it away from the exhaust whilst your bike is still cooling down.

The best way to lock your motorcycle and ensure it stays extra secure is to use a combination of different locks, such as a cable lock or chain lock with a disc lock or shackle lock. This will help to prevent a multitude of attacks and further deter opportunistic thieves.

We also advise the use of a tracker which can be fitted to your motorcycle and be activated in the event of theft to provide you with regular GPS positions. Which you can then liaise directly with the police to aid tracking using the regular updates the tracker will provide. Click here to see our range of trackers.

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