Pressure washer attachments and accessories

If you really want to get a specific job done as quickly as possible with your pressure washer then getting the right attachments can make everything a breeze. Whether that's a patio scrubber, a car washing brush or just an extension pole so you can reach high up, making sure that you're properly kitted out can mean that those little chores take a little less time. You might have a tricky-to-reach spot in which case it's worth having an attachment that makes the job easier. Manufacturers offer different nozzles, guns and lances to help with specialist situations.

Also If you're looking to clean your car, or want to be able to spray cleaning fluids onto things to help clean tougher dirt, it's a good idea to get either a pressure washer that can add cleaning fluid to the water stream or an attachment to do the same thing. You can do this manually but it will make the process longer and probably less enjoyable!

Pressure Washer Accessories

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