Why is my car juddering?

Any unusual noises whilst you’re driving can be a worrying sign, especially if you’re not familiar with cars.

Juddering, stuttering, or jerking can occur for a number of reasons, so it can be hard to figure out what’s wrong. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide with a few different types and causes of juddering, to help you narrow down the problem.

Why is my car juddering when accelerating?

Possible causes:

  • Spark plugs
  • Insufficient fuel
  • Clogged catalytic converter

If your car is juddering when you accelerate, then there’s likely an issue during the combustion process.

This may be as simple as not having enough fuel, so check your tank and be sure to top up if needed.

If you’ve got fuel, then it may be that your spark plugs, or their high-tension leads are faulty. This is a straightforward fix if you feel comfortable changing them yourself – you can find a step-by-step guide here. If not, call or visit your local Halfords garage and we’ll be happy to book you in.

Another possible cause is your catalytic converter – these can become blocked, particularly if you have an ignition-related fault, blocking the exhaust system’s airflow and preventing combustion. A thorough clean could solve the problem – you can run a catalytic converter cleaner through the system yourself, or book in for a Free Exhaust and Catalytic Converter Check at your local Halfords garage and let us have a look for you.

Why is my car juddering when pulling away?

Possible causes:

  • A problem with the clutch

Juddering when you’re pulling away could be caused by an issue with your clutch, although the specific problem could be one of a few things. It could be that oil has leaked from somewhere onto the clutch plate, or that the friction material is worn. It could also be due to damage to the pressure plate, or a combination of all three.

To find the root of the problem, why not book our Free Clutch Check. We’ll assess the condition of your clutch system to help identify the issue and advise on the best course of action with no obligations. Or if you fancy handling the repair yourself, you can find a range of clutch kits over at Halfords.com.

Why is my car juddering when braking?

Possible causes:

  • Brake discs
  • Brake pads

It could be that juddery braking is caused by your braking system, but the exact cause can be harder to pin down.

It may be that your brake discs were incorrectly fitted and have become misaligned, which leads to poor braking. They could also have worn below their manufacturer tolerance, and will therefore need to be replaced along with the brake pads and wear indicator.

If your brake discs are in full working order, then it may be an issue with your brake pads. Over time, these pads wear and can also begin to stick in their slides, leading to ineffective braking and juddering when you push the brake pedal.

To figure out what’s going wrong with your brakes at no cost, book our Free Brake Check. We’ll complete a thorough 6 point check, assessing all the components of your braking system, to identify any problems. Once we’ve found the cause of the juddering, we can walk you through the next steps.

If you’ve identified the problem on your own, you can check out how much a repair at Halfords will cost you with our online brake repair quote generator. Just pop in your vehicle registration, location, and the nature of the problem to find out how much you’ll pay.

Why is my car juddering when it's idle?

Possible causes:

  • Spark plugs
  • Filters
  • Fuel injection system

Juddering whilst your car is idle could be caused by several things, but some common ones may be faulty spark plugs or a build-up of grime somewhere in the engine.

If a spark plug is at fault, then you can change them yourself if you feel comfortable doing the work – you can find a step-by-step guide here. If not, pop into your local Halfords garage and we’ll be happy to take a look.

If it’s not your spark plugs, then a blockage in either your air filter or the fuel injection system. It’s natural that over time, these components gather a build-up of sludge and dirt, but it’s important to keep them in good condition to make sure that your engine receives a steady supply of air and fuel respectively, to ensure that the combustion process can happen smoothly.

We stock thousands of air filters, so if it’s time to replace yours, you can find our full range at Halfords.com, and our full guide on how to change it here. As for your fuel injector system, you can run a dedicated cleaner through your engine to clear away any deposits.

If you hear any noises you’re not sure about or want the peace of mind that everything is working as it should, then why not book in for our Free Repairs Check. We’ll inspect your car for any mechanical parts that could be causing the problem, so you can keep moving.

For any tips or guidance on how to combat a juddering car, why not pop into your local Halfords store or garage and speak to one of our friendly colleagues.

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