Which car check is right for me?

Many of us aren't using our cars as much as we used to, which means problems can develop without us noticing them. If you're worried about the condition of your vehicle or want the confidence that comes from an expert check, then we're here to help. At Halfords, we offer a range of car checks and services for all ages and types of vehicles.

Why do I need a car check or service?

Servicing your car acts as a form of preventative maintenance, ensuring that it’s running mechanically smoothly and is less likely to break down. Our experts recommend that all vehicles are serviced regularly. During a check-up, any problems can be spotted and tackled before they get worse. Unlike an MOT, car checks and services are not a legal requirement, but they help to keep your car safe and roadworthy throughout the year.

How can I book my car check or service?

To book a vehicle check or service, add your vehicle registration and postcode to our Car Servicing finder and you’ll see a whole range of options to choose from. You can read more about each service and check below.

We guarantee all parts and labour for 12 months for your peace of mind.

Free 5-Point Car Check

What's included?

During our free 5-Point Car Check, our technician will review your car’s headlights and brake lights, the condition of your wiper blades, the health of your battery, the condition of your windscreen and your MOT due date. The check’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity.

10-Point Car Health Check

What's included?

During our 10-Point Car Health Check, one of our technicians will inspect your headlights and brake lights, wiper blades, battery, windscreen, MOT due date (UK only), tyre tread depth and condition, tyre pressure (and top it up), oil level, screenwash level (and top it up), and AdBlue and coolant levels.

This basic check should take around half an hour to complete, and once done, you can drive away happy.

Car Safety Inspection

What's included?

Our 30-point Car Safety Inspection goes much further than our 10-Point Car Health Check and is only available in our garages. As well as necessary fluid and vehicle safety checks, we go over your vehicle from top to bottom, testing and trying many of the safety and mechanical systems that you rely upon.

During the check, our technicians will check your brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and much more. They'll visibly assess fluid levels and identify any potential issues. The comprehensive vehicle safety check will take around an hour to complete and is second only to an MOT in its attention to detail.

The Car Safety Inspection check is advised for vehicles that have been left standing for long periods. It's also useful if you've recently bought a new car and want to have it independently checked by a professional before driving a long distance or with your family.

Diagnostic Check

What's included?

If you've noticed any worrying lights on your dashboard, then a diagnostic check will quickly identify the problem and the solution. At Halfords, our ATA-trained technicians use state of the art diagnostic test equipment to read fault codes and can identify any necessary repairs.

A quick diagnostic check when a fault is first identified can reduce the likelihood of problems developing that can lead to costly repairs. It's often used to identify rough or misfiring engines, but the general rule is: if there's a warning light, then there's a code.

Why should I have it?

Diagnostic checks are only required if you experience a problem and aren't necessary at any other time.

Free Battery Health Check

What is it?

During our Free Battery Health Check, our expert technicians will check your battery's key health indicators, such as its charging and 'cranking' capabilities. If we find you need a replacement, we'll advise you of the cost of a new car battery upfront - with no obligation for you to purchase one.

Why should I have it?

Your battery deteriorates even if it has been used for short trips so if you are experiencing problems with your car battery, especially if it has been stationary for some time, or are unsure when your battery was last replaced we recommend you get a battery check.

Free Brake Check

If you're unsure about the state of your brakes, book a Brake Check. Our friendly, expert technicians will check all aspects of your braking system, ensuring your stopping power is strong.

Why should I have this check?

If your brakes are squealing, sticking or not operating as you think they should, then you're due a brake check.

Free Tyre Check

Your tyres play a critical job in keeping you safe on the road. If you've experienced poor handling, or are just worried about the condition of your vehicle book one today. Your tyres play a critical role in your safety, so never take them for granted.

Why should I have this check?

Your tyres play a critical job in keeping you safe on the road. If you've experienced poor handling, or are just worried about the condition of your vehicle book one today. Your tyres play a critical role in your safety, so never take them for granted.

Free Repairs Check

If you're experiencing a problem that you can't identify, then our Free Repairs Check can help put your mind at ease. We will inspect the car for any mechanical faults, carry out a road test and recommend any necessary repairs. In some instances, it may be recommended that a diagnostic check is required to identify the fault. A Diagnostic check starts from £49.99

Why should I have this check?

If you have worrying noises or problems that you can't identify then this check is for you.

Free Suspension Check

During a Free Suspension Check our ATA-trained technicians are experts in car suspension repair, and they can identify any faults that are causing poor handling or driving conditions.

Why should I have this check?

If your car is riding 'roughly', drifting or pulling during turns, or dips (nose dives) when stopping, then you've got a suspension issue. Other tell-tale signs you need a suspension check include knocking or squeaking noises while handling or jerks or vibrations through the steering wheel.

Free Steering Check

Book a Free Steering Check and you can meet our steering experts. They can assess your steering issues, find the cause of the problem and identify the solution.

Why should I have this check?

If your car is understeering, oversteering or simply not steering, then this check is for you. Hard or loose steering can make handling a vehicle difficult, which can be dangerous, so we advise you to get it checked as soon as possible.

Free Air Con Check

Book a Free Air Con Check where our fully trained staff will check for common issues that may be present with your air conditioning.

Why should I have this check?

Our checks are designed to see if the air con system simply needs to be topped up for optimal performance or is potentially in need of a more thorough inspection for leaks at one of our Autocentres. If the system does need topping up, you can purchase all the air con essentials in-store to recharge at home or, you can book in for our air con recharge service.

Free Clutch Check

Does your car clutch feel unusual or like there’s something wrong? Book a Free Clutch Check. Our experts will be doing a thorough search to ensure your clutch is to a worthy standard. 

Why should I have this checked?

Whether you're hearing noises when changing gears, or something just doesn't feel right, our ATA-trained technicians will conduct an assessment of your clutch system and can highlight the problem area to help put your mind at rest.

Free Exhaust and Catalytic Converter check

Book a Free Exhaust and Catalytic Converter check to meet with our exhaust experts. They will be able to thoroughly assess your exhaust and note any issues that they deem not worthy for the road.

Why should I have this checked?

If there are strange rattling noises or a failed emissions test keeping you off the road, our expert technicians will conduct a fast and thorough exhaust test that is completely free and identify if any repairs need to be scheduled in.

Service and Maintenance Intervals Check

Book a Service and Maintenance Intervals Check and meet with our experts. They will assess multiple parts such as your cambelt, filters and more. If they identify the need for any actions, they can provide you with precise replacement costs.

Why should I have this check?

The Service and Maintenance Intervals Check includes a look-up of when your manufacturer recommends a range of parts to be replaced. Our expert technicians will assess the parts based on your car's age and mileage, and advise you on whether a replacement is needed.

Our experts at Halfords are here to help you stay safe on the road. As you can see there are many options for you to choose from, but if you are still unsure of what you may need, pop into your local Halfords store or autocentre and we can help you take it from there.

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