Information on our scooter repair service

We can repair and service scooters of all kinds, either purchased from us or elsewhere.

We're not able to perform a PDI on non-Halford scooters, and electric scooters will need to be inspected before deciding whether the repair can be carried out.

If you need to get your scooter repaired, we offer a range of services and a E-ScooterCare package. Our technicians will attempt to repair all manual and electric scooters to get you on your way safely and efficiently.

Once the repairs have been carried out, our colleagues will perform a full inspection which confirms the scooter has been reassembled correctly - completing a form which confirms this.

On occasion, the part you require may not be available, in which case we’ll go back to the manufacturer for the repair.

As with our bike repair service, our scooter repair service is not exclusive to Halfords-ranged scooters, though we’ll need to assess the scooter before we decide whether to carry out the repair on scooters bought elsewhere.

Due to the parts not being available to us, we are unable to replace electrical components on scooters we don’t stock. If one of our technicians identifies an electrical problem on a scooter that we don’t sell, they will advise you on the next course of action.

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