Can Halfords repair my scooter?

Yes, Halfords can repair and service scooters of all kinds, either purchased from us or elsewhere. We are not able to perform a PDI on non-Halfords scooters, and electric scooters will need to be inspected before deciding whether the repair can be carried out. 

Please visit your local Halfords store with your scooter to allow our trained experts to your scooter, once inspected and it has been confirmed that the work can be carried out, our technicians will repair all manual and electric scooters to get you on your way safely and efficiently. Once the repairs have been carried out, our colleagues will perform a full inspection of the scooter and sign it off with a completion form. 

On occasion, the part you require may not be available, in which case we will then send the scooter back to the manufacturer for the repair. If the scooter was purchased elsewhere and it needs parts, we would advise you to contact the place of purchase to have these repairs carried out as we would not have access to the parts needed.

We also offer ScooterCare packages for e-scooters brought directly from us.

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