A guide to car lifting equipment

In this guide, we will go through how to select the right car lifting products for you and the basic steps involved in using them.

Remember, working on any vehicle is potentially dangerous if the correct procedures are not followed, so for your safety make sure that you fully familiarise yourself with the products. The instructions included with these products have specific detailed information on how to use them and the full safety procedures to be observed, so must be read and fully understood before use. If you are in any way unsure, then seek advice from a qualified mechanic.

Get set up

Before lifting any vehicle make sure it is parked on a solid, even and level surface. The vehicle should be placed in gear (or park if automatic) with the handbrake on. The two wheels that remain on the ground should be securely chocked on both sides to prevent movement.

Car jacks

To select the right jack, you will need to find out the weight and correct location for jacking up and supporting your vehicle. You can find this by looking in your vehicle owner's manual or contacting the vehicle manufacturer

We have a range of jacks to suit vehicles up to 3 tonnes. All of our jacks are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and have been tested by independent test labs.

Our basic 2 and 3 tonne jacks will lift your vehicle up to a height of 34cm. If your car has a lower than average ride height then our 2 tonne low profile jack will go as low as 8.5cm and also has the benefit of a higher, 37cm lift height.

Our Advanced range of trolley jacks comes in either 2 or 3 tonne and gives you performance and versatility above all of our other jacks. They boast a very low 7.5cm entry, lifting all the way up to half a metre! They even have a dual piston quick lift and a foot pedal to make this quick and easy to do.

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The addition of a wide rubber lined saddle pad, quiet roll, non-marking PU wheels and a padded handle to reduce contact with the car’s bodywork makes it the right choice for any enthusiast.

Car axle stands

Once you’ve selected the right jack, then a pair of axle stands is an essential safety requirement to support the vehicle as soon as it is lifted, and before any work is started. These also come in 2 or 3 tonne versions and have a range of heights to suit your chosen jack.

The Advanced ratchet axle stands, give the benefit of many more height increments and the ability to very quickly adjust them. Once properly located under a suitable point of the vehicle, slowly lower the jack onto the stands and ensure the vehicle is fully stable.

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Car ramp

If your vehicle is below 2 tonnes and you are not planning on removing the wheels then a different option is to drive the vehicle up onto car ramps.

Once you have correctly positioned the ramps in front of the wheels, slowly drive up onto them and stop as soon as you reach the top. With the wheels positioned just before the end stops, switch the engine off, place the vehicle in gear (or park) and put the handbrake on. Move to the other end of the vehicle and chock the wheels that remain on the ground as before.

Another great addition when working under a car is a car creeper or floor mat that makes working easier and much more comfortable.

Browse our full range of lifting equipment online, or pop into a store where you can get your hands on the products and ask a colleague if you need any advice.

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