Halfords Advanced tool lifetime guarantee: What is covered?

Our Halfords Advanced hand tools have been designed to offer increased durability, precision, and performance. We’re so confident in their quality and durability that all Halfords Advanced hand tools come with a lifetime guarantee. If one of these tools fails while it’s being used for the purpose and in the manner for which it was designed, then we promise to inspect and replace it free of charge.

To do this please return the product to your nearest Halfords store and a store colleague will either provide you with a replacement on the spot or order one for you. Any discontinued items will be replaced with an equivalent product in terms of use and quality.

What's covered?

Please note: the lifetime guarantee does not cover the cases or the foam inserts.

What's covered by the guarantee? What's not covered by the guarantee?
Broken Rust
Snapped Been burnt
Bent Been modified
Cracked Been mechanically ground down
  Been used improperly

Halfords Advanced torque wrenches

The lifetime guarantee for our Halfords Advanced torque wrenches is conditional on you being able to produce a valid certificate of conformity (previously known as a calibration certificate) when you request a replacement. For the purpose of this guarantee, certificates are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase or re-calibration (whichever is most recent).

Torque wrenches can be re-calibrated at your cost from any recognised re-calibration service, including our recommended service, Norbar.

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