How do roof boxes attach to cars?

The starting point for any roof box purchase is a roof rack system. If you don't have one installed, then we'd suggest heading over to our article Types of roof bars first or heading in store to speak to one of our roof bar experts. To see which roof bar fitting is compatible with your vehicle have a look at the following article here.

If you do have one installed, then you'll need to check the mounting system that your chosen roof box uses to see if it's compatible with your roof rack system. Two of the most common roof box mounting systems that we stock are as follows:

U bolts

Taking around 10 minutes to fit, this solution uses U-shaped bolts that fit around the cross-pieces of the roof bars, with screw caps inside the roof box that holds them in place. Roof boxes with a u bolt mounting system will fit all types of roof bars, however, if you choose Thule wing bars then you'll need to purchase a t-track adapter to ensure it fits to these roof bars.

Power click mount

The quickest system to fit in around five minutes, a pre-installed 'claw' grips the roof rack bars. This system is found on our Halfords Advanced and Thule roof boxes.

Top tip: Take extra time when attaching your roof box to make sure everything is attached properly and nicely and tight. If you're taking your roof box off, store any loose attachments with – or even better inside – the roof box so nothing important goes missing. Remember that Halfords will happily fit any of our roof boxes to your vehicle when going into store or simply selecting 'add fitting' at the online checkout for a small charge of £20, so you can drive off safely with the knowledge that your new roof box has been fitted by the experts.

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