Exodus roof bars and boxes now part of Halfords Advanced range

As part of ongoing improvements to our product ranges, our family-friendly Exodus roof boxes and roof bars have become part of the Halfords Advanced range.

These new Halfords Advanced products offer the same incredible value and quality but with a new name. Here’s everything you need to know about the swap – including essential details about your Exodus warranty.

Why are you rebranding Exodus?

Our Exodus roof boxes and roof bars are firm favourites among drivers who want high-quality products at a great price. We’ve taken the decision to rebrand them as part of the Halfords Advanced range because we want our customers to know that our much-loved Exodus products are part of the Halfords family. We’ve also taken the opportunity to update the specifications of our roof bars and fitting kits so that they’re compatible with a greater range of vehicles.

What about my Exodus roof box/roof bars warranty?

Your Exodus roof boxes and roof bars will continue to be covered by your existing warranty. The product branding has changed, but our commitment to the products and your enjoyment of them remains as solid today as the day you bought them. 

What if I need a replacement key for my Exodus roof box?

Our replacement key service is unaffected. If you lose your key or want additional ones for your roof box, then you can get them at Halfords. The advice is, as always, to make a note of the key number on your roof box key and keep it somewhere safe. If you ever lose or misplace your roof box key, this number will help identify the right replacement.

Do Halfords Advanced roof boxes use the same parts?

Spare parts for our Halfords Advanced range will fit your Exodus roof box. They’re the same product, so there are absolutely no problems with using fixtures and fittings. If you’re searching for Exodus roof box spare parts, you’ll always find them at Halfords. 

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