Different types of motorcycle lock

A motorcycle lock is a great way to keep your bike safe and secure. It will act as a visual deterrent to any thieves, and make your motorcycle much harder to take, so it’s worth investing in. It’s always a good idea to take measurements of your bike before you go to buy a lock, to make sure that the one you choose actually fits! Different styles of lock will attach to different parts of your bike, so we suggest taking measurements of a few different parts of the frame.

Cable locks

Cable locks are very versatile. Their flexibility means that they’re simple to use and can be attached to any area of your bike, making it quick and easy to lock up wherever you stop. Since they’re lightweight and compact, these locks can also be carried easily in a backpack or top box. We recommend that you use these in combination with disc or shackle locks for extra security.

The MagnumPlus Hercules Armoured Lock is an excellent option to go for, thanks to the durable but lightweight high-strength steel cable, plus a hardened steel sheath to offer protection against bolt and wire cutters. If you are looking to secure your accessories to your bike, grab a MagnumPlus Orion Combo Lock; this small 4-digit combo lock is ideal for locking helmets and luggage, with a twisted steel cable wrapped in a vinyl cover to prevent scratches.

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Disc locks

Motorcycle disc locks are small but mighty; not only do they provide a good level of security, but they’re compact too, making them perfect to take out on the road with you.

A common way that thieves try to break motorbike locks is using a hammer, so it’s important to attach your disc lock at the point on the brake disc where it would be hardest to smash. It’s also advisable to use a disc lock on each wheel to mitigate this risk - one with an alarm is also preferable. The cable can then be attached to your bike’s handlebars to act as a visual deterrent and a reminder to you not to try to ride off without removing your locks!

The MagnumPlus Cyclops Disc Padlock comes in a handy storage package and is small enough to pop in a jacket pocket or tank bag. It also features an alarm to scare off anyone attempting to steal your ride. MagnumPlus are so confident in the performance of its locks that many MagnumPlus locks come with insurance excess cover should your bike be stolen: the Cyclops Disc Padlock comes with £200 insurance excess cover, so you can be confident your bike is safe and secure.

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Chain locks

Chain locks are the ultimate in motorcycle security. Good quality chain locks are thick and extremely strong, and although no lock is completely thief-proof, they offer an excellent level of security as they prevent anyone from being able to pick your bike up and load it onto the back of a van or trailer.

The best way to secure your motorcycle with a chain lock is to first attach it to the frame, then to an immovable object or ground anchor. You can also attach it to the rear wheel, but you should avoid attaching it to the front wheel if you can as it’s easiest to remove from here. However, it’s good to bear in mind that due to the thickness of some motorcycle security chains, they can be pretty heavy, so are best reserved for use at home.

The MagnumPlus Colossus Chain Lock with Padlock has a sturdy 1.8m x 12mm chain with titanium reinforced hexagonal links that render hacksaws and bolt cutters virtually useless, while its tight inside link dimensions make prying it open impossible.

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Shackle locks

Shackle locks, also known as ‘D-Locks’, are made of cut-resistant material, providing ultimate protection in high crime areas. They’re easy to use and come in different sizes to fit any bike. Choosing one that fits closely to your bike’s frame will make it harder to interfere with, and positioning the lock downwards when you attach it will make it more difficult to access.

The MagnumPlus Gigantes Shackle Lock is a great option, with a gold rating from Sold Secure, a lifetime warranty and £300 insurance excess cover. It’s comprised of a 16.8mm hardened steel TriRadius shackle, and the design has been carefully considered to resist all forms of cutting or jacking, with a rounded design and centred keyway to eliminate pry points.

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