The difference between Haynes Manuals and Haynes Online Manuals

If you're even mildly interested in cars or car maintenance and you've never seen or heard of a Haynes Manual or Haynes Online Manual, then you're missing out!

What are Haynes Manuals?

Haynes Manuals are traditional printed books that will help you to learn how to maintain and repair your car. Cost effective and available for a wide range of car makes and models, these manuals contain clearly illustrated step-by-step guides written by experts for each particular vehicle.

With a Haynes Manual, you’ll become familiar with your car’s specific features, discover how to spot common problems and find out how to fix them yourself.

What are Haynes Online Manuals?

Haynes Online Manuals are just like traditional print Haynes Manuals but with loads of extra features like videos, colour images, wiring diagrams and much more.

They work on pretty much every device imaginable and you can test drive a Haynes Online Manual by checking out a completely free full preview below. This gives you a chance to see just how exciting and innovative the digital versions of the manuals are.

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