Halfords Group 1/2/3 child car seat fitting instructions

How to fit your Halfords Group 1/2/3 car seat

Here we show you step-by-step how to fit your Halfords Group 1/2/3 car seat.

Before installing any car seat with a seat belt, inspect the entire length of the seatbelt and buckle for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If you find any damage, do not use this belt to attach your car seat.

The back of the child seat needs to be in contact with at least two-thirds of the vehicle seat, if not remove the headrest.

Group 1 (9kg to 18kg)

Step 1: Place the child seat onto your car's seat, and pull the seatbelt out pinching the shoulder and lap parts of the belt together to ensure that it doesn't become twisted.
Step 2: Pass the shoulder part of the seatbelt behind the comfort insert and harness up towards the child seat's headrest. The belt should lie over the shoulder of the child seat behind the headrest.
Step 3: Pass the belt behind the comfort insert and harnesses towards the buckle side of the vehicle. Pass the seatbelt back over the red guide towards the buckle and click the seatbelt into the buckle. Check that the seatbelt hasn't twisted and is still routed correctly and smoothly as it passes through the child seat.
Step 4: Apply pressure to the base of the child seat whilst pulling the shoulder belt up from the buckle to remove any slack from the lap belt and hold it in place.
Step 5: Whilst still applying pressure to the base of the car seat, transfer the slack from the buckle side of the shoulder belt towards the shoulder anchorage points by pulling the shoulder diagonal belt upwards.
Step 6: Check that the seat's installed to the correct tension by pulling the harness of the child seat in a sharp motion towards the front of the car seat. There should be no excessive forward or sideward movements. If there is excessive movement, repeat tightening the seatbelt until the correct tension is acquired.

Group 2/3 (15kg to 36kg)

Step 1: Remove the integrated harnesses as per the manufacturer's instructions and place the seat onto your car's seat.

Step 2: Pass the shoulder diagonal belt through the retaining clip on the child seat's headrest on the non-buckle side of the vehicle.

Step 3: With your child in the car seat, adjust the headrest so the retaining clip is level with their shoulder. Pass the seatbelt over your child's lap and chest placing both the lap and diagonal portions of the seatbelt over the child seat's red guide on the buckle side of the seat.

Step 4: Click the seatbelt into the buckle and check that it's correctly positioned across your child and that the seatbelt is flat and smooth.

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