How to find the right car bulbs

Car bulbs keep you safe and seen on the roads. Whether you’re driving day or night, the indicators, brake lights and main lights of your car are essential safety features that you, other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians rely on.

Which car bulb is best?

So, we’ve outlined a couple of the different types of car bulbs and how they work, but which is best for your car?
Filament car bulbs / Halogen car bulbs

These are the 'factory standard' bulbs you'll usually find on most cars. They offer good value for money, are relatively easy to replace and last a long time. Some of our bulb upgrades provide brighter and more intense light, useful for winter driving or drivers who do most of their travelling when it's dark.

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Xenon HID car bulbs

If you've ever spotted a pair of blue-tinged headlights on the road, then they were likely High-Intensity Discharge lights. Filled with Xenon gas, these bulbs can't just be slotted into your average car headlights and will need an additional box that is either fitted by the manufacturer or as part of an aftermarket kit.

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LED car bulbs

LED bulbs are highly efficient and last a long time, but you'll only be able to benefit from them if your car's manufacturer has installed them - it's currently illegal to add LED bulbs to your car as an aftermarket installation.

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Choosing the 'best' car bulb really comes down to personal preference and what kind of bulbs your car uses. If you want brighter, whiter headlights, then opt for one of our upgrades - we offer bulbs that range from 100% to 200% brightness, so if you’ve got a busted bulb or need some spares for a road trip, then follow the link below to see our range of car bulbs.

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