How do dash cams work?

Dash cams can be placed at the front or rear of your car interior and record footage of exactly what’s going on around the car.

The recording will continue to loop, with unimportant footage simply overwritten by new footage automatically. All dash cams sold by Halfords have a built-in sensor (known as a G-Sensor) that picks up any sudden change in G-force, for example, if another car collides with yours.

If the G-Sensor is triggered, a clip of the incident will be saved to the memory card and locked in place so it can be reviewed without being overwritten.

All dash cams sold by Halfords are powered via the 12v power outlet in your car, but many will also have a battery that acts as a backup. All of our dash cams have a cable included that connects the dash cam to your outlet, but the best option is a hard-wired dash cam.

This is where one of our car tech experts wires the dash cam directly to the car’s fuse box, leaving your power outlet free for other things.

Watch our video to learn more about choosing a dash cam. 

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