Where is dash cam footage kept?

When your dash cam is plugged or wired in and switched on, then it’ll start capturing footage and storing the video on a micro SD memory card.

If you’re lucky, then you’ll never need to actually watch this footage, but in the unfortunate case of a collision, then you can review the file that the dash cam has flagged as important. Just connect your memory card to a PC or Mac and view, copy, or delete the files from there. 

Some dash cam models also have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing footage to be viewed on smartphones or tablets, so check the product features and description if you like the sound of this feature.

Many of the dash cams we sell at Halfords come with an SD card included in the box (this will be listed in the product features). If your chosen dash cam doesn’t include one, then it’s important to purchase a compatible SD card to ensure that your footage is stored safely and correctly. Our MicroSD card buyer’s guide provides a great overview of the options that are available.

Watch our video to learn more about choosing a dash cam. 

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