What's included in the car tyre price?

All our tyre prices include fitting and balancing, and standard valves. Specialist valves can be fitted at an additional cost.

We can also responsibily dispose of your old car tyres at a cost of £3 per tyre. We partner with a leading tyre collector and processor in the UK.

They process and repurpose tyres to recycle and reuse them in a variety of products. These include artificial turf infill, playground rubber mulch, carpet underlay and road surfaces.

If you decide you do not want to pay the fee, you will need take your old tyres with you and repurpose or suitably dispose of them, for example at a Household Recycling Centre. Please be aware that councils may charge a fee of £3 or more per tyre.

For a walk-inappointment, the charge will be removed before you are invoiced.

We automatically add the fee for online bookings. When our fitter is changing your tyres, please let them know that you want to keep your tyres and we will process a refund of the fee.

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