How to choose the best tyres for your vehicle

If you’re looking for a new set of tyres, you’ve got plenty of choice with Halfords. You’ll find thousands of products from the world’s top manufacturers in our online store.

So, whether you’re searching for great deals on eco-friendly tyres or have always wanted some ultra-high-performance wheels to pair with a prestige car, you know we’ve got the goods.

To first find the right budget tyres for your vehicle, you must ask yourself - what tyres fit my car? You can find out what size tyres you require through our free tyre check service, or enter your car registration details here. Once you know the right size and type of tyres you need, you can browse Halfords extensive range of tyres available.

But how do you go about finding your next set of tyres? The tyres on your car, van or motorcycle do the crucial job of sticking you to the road, so spending time on selecting the right set is crucial to your safety and comfort. At Halfords, we’ve got vast in-house knowledge you can call upon to find tyres that get the most from your vehicle. We understand that choosing tyres from the thousands of options may seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Use our guide below, to discover all you need to know.

Finding your tyre size

Before you make your mind up about brands, must-have features, and performance specs, you’ll need to ensure the tyre is a match for your vehicle. Click here for a video on how to find your vehicle tyre size 

Things to consider when choosing tyres

So, you’ve checked the technical specs and whittled down your search. Now you’ll need to decide what you’re looking for from your new tyres. Ask yourself how often, when, and where you drive. How important is comfort? What is your budget? Asking questions like these will help you to hone in on your ideal set of wheels. Here are a few more things to consider:

Wet weather

Many of today’s tyres incorporate technology built for wet weather driving. For example, treads quickly evacuate water away from the wheel, thereby reducing the risk of aquaplaning. But not all tyres are created equal, and some are better equipped for treacherous conditions than others.

Fuel economy

It seems obvious to say it, but not everyone realises that tyres directly impact what you spend at the pumps. This is because different treads have different degrees of rolling resistance. The lower the resistance, the less fuel is consumed. Just ask your local Halfords team if you need advice on tyre fuel efficiency.


Every tyre tread is unique, and as such, some prove louder on the asphalt than others. Today’s more advanced tyres boast technology that cuts sound levels to new lows. So, whether you love digging into a podcast or simply enjoy the quiet of the open road, it’s worth considering how much a peaceful drive matters to you.


As with all things in life, you’ll get what you pay for. Premium tyres offer precise handling and an upgraded driving experience, but they’re more expensive. On the other end, budget tyres come cheap but don’t have as impressive attributes, while mid-range tyres bridge the gap. Either way, all our tyres meet stringent safety and performance standards, so it’s simply a question of quality and comfort.

Specialist tyres

Some vehicles call for a little extra. If you’ve got a high-performance sports car, SUV, 4x4, or campervan, you’ll get the best results from your tyres if you choose models designed specifically for your vehicle.

Seasonal tyres

You’re not alone if you’re a UK driver using summer tyres year-round. But this means your vehicle isn’t reaching its full potential, as performance is compromised whenever temperatures plunge. So, if you’re in search of comfort and fantastic handling year-round, we recommend checking out all-season tyres and winter tyres.

Run flats

Run flat tyres keep you on the move if you suffer a puncture. However, they’re not designed for driving hundreds of miles, instead, they give you enough time to get to safety.

It’s crucial that you only fit run-flat tyres to vehicles that feature the right technology. If you’d like to check whether your car can accommodate run-flats, simply ask the Halfords team.

Other things to consider when choosing tyres

Image for tyre labels EU

Tyre labels are one of the simplest ways to gauge how a given tyre performs. So, what are they?

The EU introduced tyre labels in 2012—and still apply to wheels sold in the UK today. They use a three-part rating system whereby tyres are tested and assigned a grade from A to G. Seem familiar? That’s because they look a lot like the energy efficiency stickers you’re used to seeing on household electronics.

Tyre labels rate for:

  • Fuel efficiency – the higher the grade, the lower the fuel consumption.
  • Wet grip – the higher the grade, the shorter braking distances are in rainy weather.
  • Noise – the fewer bars, the quieter the tyre. Only tyres with two bars or less will meet future legislation.

Why choose Halfords for tyres?

We’re about so much more than helping you find the right set of wheels. You can think of us as your one-stop shop, from emergency callouts for tyre fitting right through to comprehensive, expert servicing on your doorstep.

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Can’t get away from the office or have children to entertain? We understand. That’s why we created a mobile tyre fitting service, featuring speedy callouts at your home, work, or anywhere else you need us.

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All bases covered

We’re serious when we say that we’ve got something for everyone — there are 10,000+ tyres to choose from! Filter your search by price, brand, season, and size.

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