Halfords Bluetooth car kit installation service

If your car doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity fitted as standard, but you'd like to be able to make hands-free calls, then you can always take advantage of our car Bluetooth fitting service.

Handsfree fitting at Halfords

Using your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal (not to mention dangerous) and the roadside penalties can be severe. Drivers can face a penalty of three points on their licence and a fine if caught using a mobile phone whilst driving a motor vehicle.

Avoid the penalties and drive safely with a hands-free car kit from Halfords. Our fitters can install a Bluetooth hands-free car kit quickly and professionally into your vehicle for only £50 (€60).

How does the Halfords Bluetooth fitting service work?

Before you buy a Bluetooth hands-free kit, it's worth checking if your car doesn't already have Bluetooth as standard. Look out for buttons on the steering wheel that look like they allow you to pick up calls or check the menu on the stereo while parked up to see if there's an option to connect your phone.

If your car is older or it looks like there isn't an option to connect, then you've got a few choices:

  • A hands-free car kit that connects to your car speakers
  • A hands-free car kit that has its own speaker (usually a Bluetooth Visor Kit)
  • A Bluetooth headset that connects directly to your phone

If you go for a kit that needs to be connected to your speakers, then we can install it for you for an additional £50/€60.

This involves hard-wiring the Bluetooth system to your car's audio system and power supply. One of our Bluetooth system installers will take a look at your vehicle to check we're able to fit your new hands-free Bluetooth kit, then install it into your car with no unsightly wires. Fitting usually takes around an hour, but this can vary during busy times.

To book a hands-free car kit fitting, just ask a colleague at your local Halfords store once you've selected the Bluetooth hands-free system you like the look of.

If you're shopping online, then select 'click and collect' at the online checkout then 'add fitting' to add our car Bluetooth fitting service to your purchase. Once you've booked a suitable slot, just remember to bring the right car!

We offer a 12-month guarantee on all our fits. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can take your vehicle into any one of our nationwide stores where one of our fitters will be happy to help you out.

Our Bluetooth fitters

Our qualified fitters are fully certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry), and between them have completed hundreds of thousands of fits - that's a whole lot of Bluetooth kits! Each superstore usually has at least two IMI trained fitters, so your car Bluetooth installation will be carried out by someone with plenty of experience.

Our Bluetooth options

If you want to use your phone safely whilst driving, but don't really want a complete hands-free kit installed in your car, you can also choose a Bluetooth headset. Our experts in-store will be able to give you some comprehensive advice on these products and get them set up and ready for you in your vehicle.

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