Cycle punctures and prevention

If you ride a bike regularly, punctures are a fact of life so knowing how to fix one quickly and efficiently is essential for any rider. The less time you spend working on your bike, the more time you can spend riding it!

Click here and we can walk you through the process of fixing a bike puncture for tyres with an inner tube. If you need to repair a punctured tubeless tyre, check out our guide here.

Puncture-resistant tyres

Many tyres like the Schwalbe Marathon Plus benefit from added puncture protection. Tyres with puncture resistance have an added layer of rubber, Kevlar, plastic or something similar. This prevents debris and foreign objects from piercing or damaging the tyre and inner tube.

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Slime sealant

For the next level of protection, why not add slime sealant to your tyres? This wonder fluid lives inside your tube and essentially seals it if it's punctured (it can’t seal every puncture, but the majority you’d regularly encounter).

Here at Halfords, we sell tubes with slime sealant already inserted. Check out these tubes here.

We can also add sealant to your tubes for you. Find out more here.

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