Voodoo e-bike user manual and guides

Our Voodoo e-bikes combine the market-leading designs of Voodoo’s standard mountain bikes with the additional assistance of an electric motor, giving you the power to attack your way up and down even the toughest of trails. The speed sensor is designed to deliver the natural feel of riding a normal mountain bike, with smooth, stable assistance as and when you need it.

With fully adjustable assistance levels to suit your ride, Voodoo e-bikes have the perfect balance of performance, agility, strength and comfort.

Learn more about our Voodoo e-bikes with the manuals below:

Voodoo Bizango-E Shimano Electric Mountain Bike - Voodoo Owners Handbook

Voodoo Zobop E-Shimano Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike - Voodoo Owners Handbook

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