Different kinds of bikes

Congratulations, you've decided it's time to buy a bike. It’s going to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Bikes are a great form of transport, helping you to keep fit and stay healthy. Swap your car for a cycle on the commute and you’ll save time travelling and cut carbon emissions, too. Riding a bike is much cheaper than driving, so you’ll save money while saving the planet.

Whether you’re buying a bike for the first time, or upgrading to a newer model, you’ll a huge selection of bikes for sale at Halfords. We’ve been matching bike buyers with their perfect machines for over a century. In this guide, we describe the different types of bikes for sale, and why they might work for you.

Before buying a bike, you’ll need to know your size. Check out our bike size guide to help you find the right frame size.

Why are there so many kinds of bikes?

Cycling is one of the UK’s most popular pastimes. You’ll find road riders racing up and down the country, mountain bike riders enjoying our terrific trails, and tourers racking up mile after mile.

Enter any city or town and you’ll see commuters getting to and from work, people running errands and those who simply love the fun and freedom of two wheels.

Wherever you want to ride, there’s a bike for you! 

What are the most popular types of bikes?

When shopping for a new bike, you’ll see they’re broken down into categories. The most common varieties of bikes stocked by Halfords are:

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