Bike frame numbers

Every bike on sale in the UK has a frame number. Similar to a Vehicle Identifier Number (VIN) on a motor vehicle, it's a code of letters and numbers which provides a unique identification.

This makes it easier to track should the bike be stolen and then resold or lost by accident. These are normally found on the underside of the bike, between the pedals.

Due to the high number of bikes we sell, it's difficult for us to keep a central record of these numbers. Instead, you'll find this number on the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) form which is handed to you when you receive your new bike. It's always recommended that you make a note of this number and inform the company you have your household insurance with.

If your purchase was within the last 6 months, our colleagues in-store should be able to find a copy of your PDI form from our storage - please bear in mind that you would need to return to the store where you purchased the bike originally.

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