Pre-pedalled bikes

Our pre-pedalled bikes are pre-owned bikes that have been given a new lease of life by our experts, each one is repaired and fully safety checked by an expert, including comprehensive checks of the frame and components. Each bike comes with a 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind that you can ride away safely.

How can I get a pre-pedalled bike?

You can get your hands on pre-pedalled bikes in any of our Halfords retail stores, and we have a selection of second-hand bikes available online – click here to see what bikes are available to reserve online in your local area.

Xtending every bike's journey

At the Halfords Bike Xchange, we’re committed to reducing both our waste and our CO2 emissions. Here’s how:

  • Each bike that’s expertly restored and sold to our customers results in an estimated 157.7kg CO2 emissions saving (versus buying a new bike).
  • If we restore 100,000 bikes, this will lead to an estimated 15,770 tonnes of CO2 saved!
  • If a bike can’t be resold by Halfords, we’ll share this with our charity partners who repair and donate bikes to African communities.
  • If a bike is unrepairable, it will be sent to our charity partner Re-cycle so that they can recover the valuable materials.

Trade in your old bike

If you have an old Halfords bike gathering dust at home, at the Halfords Bike Xchange we’ll happily take it off your hands.

  • Get a free valuation from our in-store experts.
  • Exchange your bike for a Halford gift card worth up to £1000/€1300*.
  • Spend your gift card online, in our retail stores or in our garages on a new bike or any other Halfords product or service**. (Plus, you'll get up to 2 years to spend it).
  • Once you’ve accepted your valuation, we’ll safely check your bike and then sell it in our stores as part of our pre-pedalled bike scheme. So, you’ll get a great deal plus the knowledge that you’re helping to reduce waste and someone else is getting joy from your old bike.

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Do all stores sell pre-pedalled bikes?

Yes, all Halfords stores are currently selling pre-pedalled bikes, but stock is based on availability in the store when you visit. We have a selection of second-hand bikes online – click here to see what bikes are available to reserve online in your local area.

Can I just turn up at one of these stores to buy a pre-pedalled bike?

Appointments aren’t necessary and you can simply call into one of our stores and see what pre-peddled bikes are available. We have a selection of second-hand bikes available to reserve online - click here to see what bikes are available to reserve online in your local area.

Can I purchase a pre-pedalled bike online?

Yes, we have a selection of pre-pedalled bikes online – click here to see what bikes are available to reserve online in your local area.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, the price indicated on the bikes takes into account the age, condition and any repairs we have had to perform on the bike to ensure it is safe to ride.

Do you sell bikes which have previously been used for business or commercial use?

No, all our pre-pedalled bikes are owned by individuals who have purchased the bike for personal use only.

Can I take out finance on a pre-pedalled bike?

Yes, we do offer finance options on pre-pedalled bikes. Please click here for further details.

How do I know that the bike is not stolen?

When the bike is traded in, the store checks two forms of ID from the seller to ensure this matches the details of the previously purchased bike.

What warranty comes with a pre-pedalled bike?

All our pre-pedalled bikes come with a 12-month warranty as standard and have been fully safety checked. Please refer to the terms and conditions which outline the 12-month warranty.

Can I have a CycleCare plan with my pre-pedalled bike?

CycleCare package is available for all Halfords pre-pedalled bikes. On adult bikes, these start from only £13.33 per year for a 3-year plan.

What happens if I'm not happy with my pre-pedalled bike? Can I get a full refund?

If you change your mind and no longer want the pre-pedalled bike that you have purchased, you have the right to return the bike to the store from which you bought it within 14 days from receipt and receive a refund. Your refund may be subject to a reduction to reflect any reduction in the value of the second-hand bike. To be eligible for a refund, you must also provide your proof of purchase.

Will you store my bike until I'm ready to collect it?

Bikes must be collected within 7 days of purchase and full payment is required up front in order to secure the bike.

Can I use any further discounts on the purchase of the bike?

Yes, please click here to see what discounts we accept.

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