The importance of cycling lights

Ensuring your journey is illuminated is essential to enjoying your ride, there are many reasons why you should ensure your lights are in working order before you set off but here are some of the key reasons why you should always keep your lights on.

If you are interested in looking getting yourself some new lights for your bike, our range of bike lights is perfect for commuters during darker nights, allowing cyclists to clearly see the road ahead and be more visible to other road users. Our range includes popular brands such as Cateye, Lezyne and Halfords own brand.


There are many facts that suggest riding with your lights on permanently helps boost your visibility to other road users, there are many studies that tell that cyclists who always run their lights are less likely to experience incidents. In turn, ensuring your lights are always on will help going forward with safety and make your journey more visible.


As I'm sure most Brits will understand the weather is very volatile, thus making sure your bike lights are in working order is very important and will allow you to be prepared for that unpredicted shower.


Cycling lights allow you to see reflective items on the road. This includes road lines, animal eyes and traffic signs. Seeing these reflections will help towards preventing an accident from occurring and prepare if an accident is to occur.

The Law

As per UK law, any cyclist must present a white light must be showing from the front of their bike and a red light from the rear.  

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